Espresso brownies and cupcake bites

Preparing for my tasting tomorrow and getting ready to make my cheesecake order (: I ran into this Espresso brownie recipe in Ultimate Desserts Magazine and Had to try it. I made regular cream cheese frosting for the Red Velvet Bites and Chocwich, so I decided to just add some on top of these and they came out wonderful (: chewy, espresso-y, and not thick and heavy at all.

Espresso Brownies

Espresso Brownies

Cupcake Bites
Sugar Crystals and yellow chocolate melts. I used peanut butter cup molds, filled it in with chocolate and dropped the red velvet balls on top, stuck in the freezer for maybe 5 minutes and they pop right out of the mold.

Chocolate Cupcake Bottom

Chocwich Cookies
My brothers’ favorites. Devil’s Food Mix, rolled into cookies and filled with cream cheese icing.

chocwhich cookies

Finally made my business cards too!! They are adorable (:

biz cards


Getting ready for my tasting!

Yesterday so happened to be an eventful day..I baked..the entire day to get ready for a tasting and a cheesecake order for this weekend. Here are some of the results!

  • First up, bunny cupcake attempt numero uno. Successful but I didn’t have the sprinkles for the face so I used icing and it was difficult! I needed chocolate sprinkles for whiskers too!! So this weekend it’ll be ready full face and all!
Bunny Cupcake
  • Second, dedicated to my ninang–because one of my fondest memories from my childhood was (of course food cuz i was a fat kid.) her crinkles-chocolate cookies..soft and chewy baked with powdered sugaaa!!!! For some reason I can’t get them to stay round and not flat (might be the flour) but they were good anyways! My dad approved and he usually doesn’t like sweets (: so just waiting for feedback from the ninang(godmother) and lola(grandma). recipe from
  • Up next (i actually made red velvet from scratch but you’ll see the outcome later :) so I moved on to Lengua de Gato, yes cat’s tongue in english, but it’s like madelines or ladyfingers but with a crunch. Filipino recipe from I can’t wait to give these to my fam :) they turned out really good and addicting hehehe. the batter and shaping them with a decorating bag took the most time because they only bake (depending on how thick) for like 6 minutes a batch.
lengua de gato
  • Now my favorite. I made cheesecake a couple days ago and waited to shape them because I wanted to make sure it was firm enough to make cake balls and the technique is to break up the cheesecake and with really clean hands of course, roll them until they are mushed smoothly together with no cracks and no break ups.
    cheesecake truffle balls

  • So at the end of the day this is what was left of the crinkles..
  • mmmmmm they didnt even last 24 hours

Yellow Cake Chick

Yellow cake left over from cupcakes!! turned them into cake ball chicks. Not so successful cuz some cake fell into the chocolate melt and i didnt wanna waste it =[ this was just a trial anyways!

st. patty’s day baby green cupcakes

yellow cupcake with buttercream icing

Icing called for vegetable shortening (solid) and I didn’t have that so I used 1 cup of softened butter instead of 1/2.

Bought those decorating bags today at michael’s! they have an aisle full of baking stuff it’s amazing =]

Yellow cake was from the box–3 eggs, 1 1/4 cup veg. oil, 1/3 cup water

mixer did all the work


cheesecake balls

These turned out really good!!! I love cheesecake and I made it for the first time by baking instead of the usual No bake cheesecake :)

These are perfect for cheesecake leftovers or if you have a cheesecake mess up. Just make sure it’s been firmed and refrigerated for a while because it’s sticky to form into the balls. I used chocolate bark(kroger brand) this time and made sure to melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals and it came out smooth, thin, and easy to use :)

So you need:
cheesecake-no crust
chocolate melts/bark
lollipop sticks
wax paper
deep bowl for dipping

  1. cheesecake-preferrably refridgerated for 24-48hrs
  2. ball up the cheesecake–you can use a tbsp to measure
  3. wax paper makes them easy to handle and its cleaner specially after dipping in the chocolate
  4. Melt the chocolate bark–microwave or double boiler
    -make sure to boil the water and remove from heat before adding the chocolate to the top pan
    -if you’re using a microwave..make sure you heat the chocolate in 30 second intervals..anymore will burn it :(
  5. pour chocolate in a deep bowl
    -dip lollipop sticks in chocolate and into cheesecake balls then dip in chocolate again
    -lay out on wax paper or stick in styrofoam board to dry.
  6. refridgerate and serve!
  • I did the same thing for the oreo balls except i crushed oreos (with the cream) and mixed with softened cream cheese.

I made Hershey Kiss scones today!! Pics coming soon!