cheesecake balls

These turned out really good!!! I love cheesecake and I made it for the first time by baking instead of the usual No bake cheesecake :)

These are perfect for cheesecake leftovers or if you have a cheesecake mess up. Just make sure it’s been firmed and refrigerated for a while because it’s sticky to form into the balls. I used chocolate bark(kroger brand) this time and made sure to melt the chocolate in 30 second intervals and it came out smooth, thin, and easy to use :)

So you need:
cheesecake-no crust
chocolate melts/bark
lollipop sticks
wax paper
deep bowl for dipping

  1. cheesecake-preferrably refridgerated for 24-48hrs
  2. ball up the cheesecake–you can use a tbsp to measure
  3. wax paper makes them easy to handle and its cleaner specially after dipping in the chocolate
  4. Melt the chocolate bark–microwave or double boiler
    -make sure to boil the water and remove from heat before adding the chocolate to the top pan
    -if you’re using a microwave..make sure you heat the chocolate in 30 second intervals..anymore will burn it :(
  5. pour chocolate in a deep bowl
    -dip lollipop sticks in chocolate and into cheesecake balls then dip in chocolate again
    -lay out on wax paper or stick in styrofoam board to dry.
  6. refridgerate and serve!
  • I did the same thing for the oreo balls except i crushed oreos (with the cream) and mixed with softened cream cheese.

I made Hershey Kiss scones today!! Pics coming soon!


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