Baking Overload!

Hope everyone had a great easter! Mine was eventful and full of baking!!! My tasting was successful but unfortunately I took pictures a little too late!! So the next few images will be from last sundays tasting to this past week’s baking adventures and easter!!! Enjoy!

black and white cookie

i had extra cookies n cream frosting so i just used that along side chocolate ganache

b&w cookies basket

More lengua de gato cookies, I had to have made over a hundred within the week!!

lengua de gato (butter cookies)

Chocwich sandwich cookies made with devil’s food mix and cream cheese frosting in takeout boxes.

chocwich cookies

More cakeballs! Except these are Cupcake Bites made with cheesecake and red velvet!

cupcake bites (cheesecake and red velvet)
cookies n cream pop

This is regular chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting!

Chocolate Cake!!

Strawberry granita: Strawberries blended and strained (no seeds!!!) mixed with sugar dissolved in water and frozen (mixed every hour for 6 hours)

strawberry granita

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