Easter sweets!

Had a  fun easter with family!! I made carrot cake cupcakes and cheesecake balls. I was gonna try my million dollar cake for easter but there was too much going on in the kitchen! My parents had family friends over for the weekend and had a cooking extravaganza. My mom successfully made brazo de mercedes for the first time and she’s currently making it as we speak ! So enjoy the colors and goodness! These sweets were gone by the end of the day!!! Everyone said my carrot cake was great because it wasn’t so sweet and the cream cheese frosting made up for it! Perfect blend!!! Carrot cake of course dedicated to my uncle  in NYC! Wish you guys could have been here for easter!

Carrot Cupcakes

yummmm. cream cheese frosting in multi easter color! Those eggs are m&ms and Reeses!

Easter cupcakes!
cheesecake balls!

I loved how they turned out specially the pink! So excited for the summer!!!!


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