my own little heaven.

So last thursday, my family and I went to CakeArt in Tucker,GA (heard bout this from Bakerella) and I about had an aneurism from all the stuff they had..literally everything a pastry artist/event planner would ever want. AND they have Wilton classes!!!! (well so does michael’s) but still this place has everything from different size and shape baking pans, to different colors for icing, cookie cutters, boxes, sprinkles..candy, equipment and all!! AH!!! I get excited just remembering :) so we bought a ton of stuff including fondant and I’m now learning how to work with it. Here’s some of the stuff I saw and bought.

brushes, whisks, these and those

icing colors..tons of them
chocolate fave
couplers and decorating bags
my pantry of stuff

So after this adventure..I had a cake to make..that strawberry cake that was originally suppose to be a bigger version of the cupcakes (See last post) became a strawberry torte (martha stewarts recipe) and the customer said it was did some family members who would be straight up if it sucked so I was satisfied..bummed that I didn’t get to taste it but happy everyone who did liked it! It inspired my mom to make her favorite goldilocks mocha roll. She’s currently making it again for me as we speak (I should be watching)

strawberry torte

and again….


wait for my fondant work!!!


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