chocolate truffles & pound cake

Finally tried my own truffle recipe! I can’t wait to try with different flavors and learn how to use fillings! I also had pound cake on hand and decided to try cake balling them with buttercream :D My first set of truffles were so ugly I REFUSED to take pictures hehehe! But they were too soft and not at all pliable!! Too much heavy cream I guess. The second set was fun to make. I used espresso beans, nuts, and confectioner’s sugar for toppings.

Went to Joanns and bought some silver shimmer most likely to be used for the first communions I’m scheduled to do. I’ve been looking for cross and graduation molds (for chocolate) for two graduations in May. Any ideas for souvenirs anyone? I was looking to do cold porcelain souvenirs but it looks like that might be too complicated. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m also thinking maybe soaps? I need more brainstorming :)

Here’s the truffles!

Chocolate Truffles!!

Some of them are chocolate truffles, the perfect circles are pound cake balls, and then chocolate dipped bananas

Espresso beans :) they made the kitchen smell so good!

dipping bowl!


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