chocolate cake and buttercream perfection.

I cannot believe I made an ice cream cake :D This was my first, that I personally made on my own and didn’t just put together (I worked at TCBY in h.s.) I LOVE how it turned out!!! I’m so glad I used oreo crust (crushed oreos, chocolate pudding mixed and pushed into the cake pan like you would graham crackers for cheesecake.–moms idea..she’s the best!) I then used 2 tubs of mint chip ice cream that i had formed in the pan already, put it on top of the oreo crust and chocolate cake on top of that. Whipped topping was the icing and royal icing for the writing. There were also cupcakes..chocolate with buttercream frosting and little scrolls and grad caps made of gum paste. Grad pops with red velvet, cheesecake, and oreo inside.. I forgot to add the lanyards! But they’re cute anyways!

ice cream cake
grad ice cream cake.
chocolate cupcakes buttercream icing
grad pops

Up next is the cherry blossom 3 tier fondant cake!! I loved how this turned out too! I worked my little hands to the bone!! The cake was semi lopsided and the MM fondant was a little I’m gonna learn the regular fondant recipe for next time. But it turned out pretty well for my first tiered cake!!! I also had red velvet cake balls here.

fondant layer 1
droopy fondant
found some pink ribbon
the finished product
with the cakeballs


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