elmo birthday cake and dessert table

It’s time for a major update because I’ve been on a big adventure with baking!

Here’s my first huge fondant cake. We had an Elmo themed party for my son’s 2nd birthday. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate buttercream.

I made the fondant out of marshmallow and confectioner’s sugar (aka MM Fondant). Unfortunately, the texture of the fondant was too dry and kept cracking. I was lucky enough that all the decorations covered the cracks :) Gotta keep practicing!

the crumb coat

there were 3 tiers and 9 cakes.

this was one sheet of the decorations. I made a lot of extras, which in the end worked out for the cracks on the fondant. yay!

chocolate covered marshmallows

elmo cake pops!!!

this was the tablescape. the elmo souvenirs were made by my MIL and SIL! I believe they used a homemade ceramic mix (elmer’s glue?)

the tablescape again :) those round things are home made rice krispies treats with chocolate and m&ms!

I had so much fun making all this and decorating the table! I figured why not go all out for my little boy?! I think the key tip is to be prepared and plan it out in advance. Hope you all enjoyed the sesame street and elmo-ness!


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