Oreo Brownie Trifle

You’re going to want a tall glass of milk with this huge serving of yumminess!!! I had been craving brownies for the longest time and I usually don’t make brownies from scratch. I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy (ironic? hehe) or if it’s because I can’t find the right brownie recipe. I get really picky when it comes to brownies because I love them so much. When I eat brownies, they have to be chocolatey, chewy, moist, but not cakey. They have to be perfectly brownie-ish! I know you know what I mean! Every time I’ve tried a recipe from scratch, it always comes out either too hard, or too cakey. Maybe I just haven’t given brownies enough time. I just like having a box mix right there, throw in an egg, some oil and water, and wa-la!

So anyways, I made these brownies from a Ghiradelli box (costco) and they came out super chewy and perfect (yum!) but then when I tried to cut them into squares, they fell apart :( SOOOO I figured, why not use the trifle bowl? I made some chocolate pudding, found some oreos, got some whipped cream whipping, layered them all in and out came the most decadent, sweet, chocolatey, yummy, homey, sweet dessert ever!!

There’s NO WAY you can resist this…