National Cupcake Day!!!!

In honor of National Cupcake day, I’m posting up all the cupcakes I’ve made this year :). Baking is a continuous growth and learning process for me and I love it more with every cake, cupcake, & cake ball I make. Happy cupcaking!!

Red velvet! My favorite! The mascarpone cream made it even more rich and yummy!!

My first time making marble cupcakes. I thought it would be complicated considering it’s two different cakes (hesitant over thinker in me urggh), but I looked through different recipes and found that this cake is BEST with cake flour. So moist and just the right amount of sweet. I love that all you need is powdered sugar, no frosting. Simple yet classy.

Carrot cake is one of those more complicated, or maybe more work intensive cakes to bake. You’ve gotta grate the carrots, do some beating, some folding,..etc. but maybe what makes it so good is that it’s different, and so many ingredients go into it that make it that much more delicious!

Vanilla butter cake. Vanilla and butter cakes are such a challenge for me. My recipes tend to fall flat and become “pound cake-y” I’ve tried so many recipes, some with butter, some with sour cream, cake flour, regular flour..etc.  I should really take some time to experiment with them. Give these cakes some love and find out why they become so much like pound cake. But hey, as long as the taste buds are pleased, they’ll do for now.

Strawberry cupcakes. Don’t mind the ugly icing work on the left one :) These were more like muffins than cake.  Moist, and delicious right out of the oven. I’m glad I folded in strawberries for the extra texture and flavor, I didn’t have strawberry flavor (extract), but this worked!

Halloween!  I found these wrappers and toppers at William-Sonoma one day and made sure not to forget about them when halloween came around (ha!).  I usually forget I have stuff that I buy throughout the year (on sale or something) and the holidays pass and then I remember them! Luckily halloween was kind of a big deal for the kids this year. We had lots of activities and so there were lots of cupcakes! These were vanilla cake with marshmallow vanilla swiss meringue icing. (That’s a mouthful…of icing!! ^_^

My holiday cupcakes aren’t out yet. I’m working on red velvet christmas cupcakes and I’ll definitely post those up asap!

Happy National Cupcake Day!!! Dust off your mixers and whip some yummy cupcakes up!