Gobble Gobble Pops

Belated Happy Turkey Day!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of turkey and yummy comfort food!! I love the holidays!! I have such a huge family, and a lot of us have birthdays before,during, and after the holidays, so it’s non stop feasting from halloween to the new year!! I told everyone at this time of the year I get ready for hibernation with the bears because we just keep eating!!

For thanksgiving I made 45 of these turkey cake pops for my little brother’s kindergarten class. Need less to say, I was pooped after the 20th but these cute little gobblers are so worth it after seeing the look on those kiddies faces!! It wouldn’t have been pretty if I didn’t make one cake pop for each little boy or girl. The parents definitely loved them even though at first glance I’m sure all they could think was,”oh my hyper 5 year old..”

The cake pops were oreo and red velvet.
Candy corn for the feathers.
Chocolate covered coffee bean for the face
Sprinkles dotted with edible pen for eyes
coated chocolate chip sprinkles for nose.